Community life of 220 is the backbone of the ministry of 220.

The life that is stirred and encouraged through community groups at 220 is the one thing we hear about over and over through testimonies. God uses the small group atmosphere to help people process and walk through what it is God is doing throughout the week of camp.

Our philosophy from the beginning has been to not segregate small groups based on age or grade classification. Like Titus 2 speaks of older people pouring into younger people – we even take that to the place of High School and Jr High. Sometimes, the Jr high student needs to see and hear from a Godly High School student – and visa versa. We believe that those students in Jr HIgh, unfortunately, these days are dealing with most of the very same issues and pressures those in High School deal with. We do not hide our heads in the sand on this one. We wish students didn’t have to grow up in a very adult world and make very adult based decisions everyday – decisions most of them aren’t quite ready or equipped to deal with just yet- at their age. However, we feel strongly in the model of mixing the ages. It breeds encouragement, acceptance, accountability, discipleship, leadership, and an openness that we haven’t seen in many situations.

We also challenge each student pastor to bring 1 adult per 7 students. We then ask these adults to be ready to volunteer their life and time to being a small group leader. Newbie adult leaders are always so scared of this at first, some – even with poor attitudes coming in to the week. However, in the years that we have been a part of 220, and implemented this model, we can’t think of one situation where God didn’t end up changing the lives of the adults, sometimes even more than that than the lives of students. These leaders come in scared – apprehensive, insecure, and flooded with so many emotions, however, they leave empowered, refreshed, restored even – and ready to walk the next mile with the students of their churches. Vision is born. Whole families have been changed… simply from the time spent together, talking about Jesus, praying, and processing through the move of God – in that small group application.

Adults, … do NOT miss this blessing. It will seem like a burden to you at first, when Johnny Youth Pastor begs you to be an adult sponsor, and then springs the ‘by the way – you’re also a SMALL GROUP leader’ on you… but, we promise – it’s painless, and it will be one of the most amazing adventures with God and students you will ever have. It will bless you, change you, make you see God differently, and the students of this generation and your church differently… and in most cases,… make you come alive!

It’s work, but it’s amazing work. Each morning, under the pastoral care and guidance of our Executive Director of 220, Kevin Jones, you will be encouraged, equipped for the task of the day, and prayed for. Kevin will give you tools that you need to be successful in your role as a small group leader. There’s nothing to fear, and by the way, God didn’t give us a spirit of fear! Though this talk may seem daunting, know this – God already had this planned for you. He always equips those He calls. This will be one of the best weeks of your life, as well as in the lives of the students God has planned for you to lead, pray for, just sit with, and ultimately, to love. If you ask students their favorite part of 220 – many of them will always say their community group. These students will leave, and most likely forget the people on stage, and many things about the camp itself, but they will never forget the small group. You, in a very short time, will become someone so very important to these students. The time you will spend the week of 220 as a small group leader will have a lasting, eternal impact in the lives of those God entrusts to you. This, we believe, is a high and holy calling.