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220 L.I.

LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE220 L.I. is a new initiative designed for leadership students & students called to full time vocational ministry.  L.I. will be held the Sunday before camp begins, July 13th, 2014.  Throughout the day Sunday, as well as Monday, these students will have the opportunity to study leadership, as well as be encouraged by each other, and the entire 220 ... Read More

Worship @ 220

Imagine it… Intentionality driven by scripture. The filters for everything we do: Galatians 2:20. Acts 2:42. We are not a church, but we are THE church… Intentionality towards a yielding to Holy Spirit and to humbly and sensitively steward the people of God through the movement of God. Intentionality towards reminding people that we are in a sacred space – … Read More

Intercession: Prayer

Every person – prayed for. by Name. MORE than once… Prayer walking the campus – MORE than once… preparing the way of the Lord… committing the grounds as a place for Holy Spirit to be welcomed… Prayer is the backbone of what happens at 220. Every evening – the favorite time of the staff is the prayer preparation that happens … Read More


We are so thankful for the years of mentoring and partnership that Houston Baptist University brought to the ministry of 220 concerning REC! In the past few years, we have seen a baton passing, and now 220 REC is led by a team of former 220 students – led of course, by many HUSKY graduates – so we still rep … Read More

Discipleship. Leadership.

For years, we went by the name 220 Student Leadership Week. We moved away from that … we’re still not comfortable with the word “CAMP” per say…because 220 is SO much more than camp… However, we also don’t want to communicate that we only exist for Christian Leadership. We believe God has created us all to lead in some capacity. … Read More


We aren’t convinced that the normal use of Blog is such a good thing… seems that we are a people in the American church that is more concerned with commentary than the words of Christ… therefore, we don’t take ourselves so seriously that we think we have the answers or we are the ultimate authority on anything – so much so, that we … Read More