Our prayers lay the track down which Gods power can come. Like a mighty locomotive, his power is irresistible, but it cannot reach us without rails.
Watchman Nee

Prayer is the fuel that drives the ministry of 220… Since the very beginning days of the ministry, holding fast to the 4 things the early church was committed to, we took the work of prayer to be of utmost importance. It became clear, the more we prayed, the more we enjoyed God.

Today, we believe that prayer is so instrumental to the ministry of 220, we have built an intercession team that is constantly covering the ministry. Under the leadership of Sara Jones, the intercession team is one of the most important parts of 220. This team is in communication throughout the year, praying for the staff, crew, and churches of 220. When a request is made, they are

praying. Before the conferences happen, they show up early to pray. Through prayer walks, active listening, and fervent intercession, they are constantly before Father, bringing to Him those things that have been requested, and laid upon their hearts. Each person who is a part of 220 is prayed for by name, multiple times before, throughout, and after the ministry of 220 happens. You can rest assure, when it comes to the work of spiritual warfare, the intercession team is on offense. We at 220 take the privilege of prayer very seriously; and humbly, we continue to lift holy hands and quiet hearts before the Lord, in both thanksgiving for this that He has called us to, as well as for those He calls us to pray for.