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No one knew that at a greasy diner near Dublin TX (home of the famous Dublin Dr. Pepper) a vision would be born that would turn into a powerful movement of God that has changed countless lives, touched people internationally, and captured the attention of many people from all ages all over the nation.

A group of student pastors sat down one night after a youth camp completed and talked about the things wrong with society, subculture, Christendom, etc… through the course of that late night meal, a unified desire was shared for authentic worship to lead to an authentic lifestyle. Not only that but a sincere push was made to begin thinking of ways to communicate and encourage the body of Christ at large to think about leading, serving, following, relevant evangelism, worship, and community. In the year 2000 that vision became fruition.

With a handful of students from a few churches, some of these same student pastors, along with a few others joined together for the very first 220 Student Leadership Week. This was to be a week like no other. Based around the verse Galatians 2:20 and using the theme “ablaze”, this week literally changed the course of many lives forever. Only 40 something people were in attendance, but all knew that they had been a part of something so special and real that they left overwhelmed and encouraged all at the same time. There was no option than to look ahead at what God was doing and join Him in the adventure. That week, Jeremiah 20:9 was a big verse:

Jeremiah 20:9

Your word in me is like a fire in my bones, I am weary of holding it in.

Since 2000, the number of those who have become a part of the 220 community has grown. 220 is staffed by 12 different people and is overseen by a board of directors. It is responsible for Bible Study materials, worship resources, camps, conferences, weekends, retreats, and building a community of like minded people and fellowships to network in expanding people’s view and perception of God for His glory.

It isn’t about revolution as much as it is about redemption.

This is a passionate vehicle that God is using not only in the lives of youth, but people of all ages. It is an authentic movement of God that is powerful and challenging. 220 exists to engage with a Holy God, not religion. It desires to go from Ritual Observance to Relational Obedience. 220 is making much of God. It isn’t about revolution as much as it is about redemption. Those involved with 220 long for the day when the church is more known for what we stand for, rather than what we stand against. The only way this can be accomplished is for sincere relationship with God to be lived out in an authentic way – crucified to self, carrying our crosses individually, and following what the real Jesus of the Bible looks like. Not the Jesus of denomination.

The thing that sets 220 apart is the focus on prayer and the desire to see the Holy Spirit overwhelm each gathering… to see God draw near to His people when they exalt Him. 220 has become a powerful awakening that continues to grow and spread beyond the borders of a camp or a conference into the lives of His people, bringing change and redemption for the Glory of God!

Dear Parent:

Below is valuable information for you! Feel free to download all these documents.

Concerning the Expectation and What to Bring agreements: Please print 2 copies of this (for each student you are sending), read over these agreements with your student(s), sign one copy, and send that signed copy to camp with your student pastor.

Thanks! We look forward to a great week at 220 with your student(s)!