220 L.I.


220 L.I. is a new initiative designed for leadership students & students called to full time vocational ministry.  L.I. will be held the Sunday before camp begins, July 13th, 2014.  Throughout the day Sunday, as well as Monday, these students will have the opportunity to study leadership, as well as be encouraged by each other, and the entire 220 team.  They will meet with different people of the 220 leadership, as well as pray together, worship, and come away with vision for implementing new leadership strategies into life and their ministry at the local church level.  Your students / any adult sponsor you send with them, will get an inside view into the hearts behind 220, as well as the different areas of leadership and the people behind the ministry.  Our aim is that your people walk away with new ideas of leadership approach based on what they gain from the time spent at 220 L.I. 

When: Sunday July 13th – start of Camp July 14th, 3:00 pm arrival.

What: Students you recommend must :

*Have completed their sophomore year in High School

(specifically geared to Juniors/Seniors in High School)

*Leader type of student or called to vocational ministry

Where: Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

Lodging:  Students will be assigned temporary dorm rooms for the night.  They will move the next day with their church.

Food:  SAGU does not provide food until Monday, dinner.  220 will be providing food for your L.I. Students.

Cost: $40

We will only be accepting 16 students this year – so recommend your students ASAP for us to review and invite!!

What we are targeting this year for 220 L.I.:

General Leadership Teaching: led by Sterling Archer, Kevin Jones, and John Sherrill.  Your students will be encouraged in their walk with the Lord, and in their journey into deeper leadership.  Practical teachings as well as personal conversations will help strengthen your student’s vision for leadership.  Our prayer is that your students come away charged and ready for action when it comes to servant leadership in your ministry.

Other things we are offering:

Worship leadership * students will spend time with the worship team as well as other worship leaders/pastors discussing the heart of worship and leading from a place of Spirit and Truth.  An array of different aspects of worship life will be talked about, and students will go away with different things to think about re: worship and culture.

Your student will be heard, and encouraged.  This will also help us find future worship leaders to plug into different areas of 220 life and ministry! 

Intercession/Prayer * students will spend time with the intercession team and leaders to learn more of what the life and ministry of an intercessor truly is.  They will also be spending time with 220 leadership in seeking God’s heart for the week and for the churches involved in 220.

Dance * This is designed for ladies who have some form of dance training – who would be willing to work with a dance teacher to learn a few dances that will be used during the week of camp for worship.  This teacher has a heart for God, and will be directing the team in using dance in worship arts.  

220 L.I. Application