Worship @ 220

Imagine it…

Intentionality driven by scripture. The filters for everything we do: Galatians 2:20. Acts 2:42. We are not a church, but we are THE church…

Intentionality towards a yielding to Holy Spirit and to humbly and sensitively steward the people of God through the movement of God.

Intentionality towards reminding people that we are in a sacred space – and God is doing sacred things in our midst. He is Holy. Supernatural. Extraordinary… our conviction is to see a generation rise up in a selfless, radical faith. This can only be nurtured by the presence of a Holy God, and a people on their face before Him.

It’s not about songs – or a service. It’s about the presence of Jesus, manifest.

It’s not chaotic, or out of order. It is peaceful, gentle, powerful…

Simply put. We humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord –

and He lifts us up.

He never disappoints.

We yield, and offer ALL the real estate of our time to God to move.

We invite people to encounter, experience, and enjoy God.

We are deeply committed to the Truth of Scripture.

We are dedicated to welcoming the Holy Spirit.

We leave different because we spend time on Holy ground – in that sacred space of the Holy of Holies with Father, God.

Jesus is Exalted. People are changed.

There is nothing like it.