Discipleship. Leadership.

For years, we went by the name 220 Student Leadership Week.
We moved away from that … we’re still not comfortable with the word “CAMP” per say…because 220 is SO much more than camp…

However, we also don’t want to communicate that we only exist for Christian Leadership.
We believe God has created us all to lead in some capacity. The question is — who and how are you leading?

Fringe students have always captured our hearts.
Some of us who lead this ministry were on the fringe… we led people as students, but, maybe not in the best ways sometime.

Our desire is to see students go from point C to point D or point R to point T in their lives and walks in the area of discipleship through the ministry of 220… We feel SO strongly that the Holy Spirit will shape people because of His presence – and it will change people. It will change their perspective of God, it will change how they view Him and themselves, and it will change how the live and lead.

Everyone has the capacity to lead in someway.

Our prayer is that through how God may use 220 in the lives of His people… they are challenged and further discipled – in maybe some small way, that will cultivate the spiritual leadership and calling in these students.

May this generation be a generation rising — to lead the world into the next great awakening!
May He use 220 in some small part to do it.
More than camp…