We are so thankful for the years of mentoring and partnership that Houston Baptist University brought to the ministry of 220 concerning REC!
In the past few years, we have seen a baton passing, and now 220 REC is led by a team of former 220 students – led of course, by many HUSKY graduates – so we still rep HBU strong!

Rec is the time of day (usually in the morning of 220) where we just unplug and have a great time. We divide into 2 major teams – Alpha vs Omega. From there – you have Delta, Kappa, Gamma, Iota, Zeta, Theta, Beta, & Sigma. The Colors are bold… Lime, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple, Hot Pink, Blue, and Red…

It gets loud. It gets crazy. Thursday brings Gross Greek Games … there’s skits and minute to win it games… there’s Rec Rally that is always a fun time of our day.

220 Rec is definitely a highlight of the day, and always supports the greater ministry happening.

Relationships are cultivated on the Rec Field. Walls come down.

Teams and friendships are built. Small groups spend time together.

And someone, always carries away the Spirit Log to much fanfare.

We can’t wait til we see the colors this summer and the face paint. We can’t wait to hear the cheers and watch the games commence. The flags will fly once again come July.

Which color will you wear? Which flag will you wave? Which team will be victorious?