• Step 1

    We are excited about your group being a part of what God is doing at 220! We need a little information from you in order to get your group registered. This is STEP 1 of our registration process:
  • This will be your username.
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  • Step 2

    Now… this is where you give us the best, most realistic, estimate of how many people you will be registering! Please remember we need 1 adult sponsor for every 7 students you plan to bring!
  • Please enter a value greater than or equal to 0.
    Include students, pastors, adult sponsors, and any guests in your estimate. This estimate is a commitment and you will be responsible for payment of 80% of these spaces even if you do not fill them.
  • When Registering online you will give an estimated number of attendees you will bring. You can move 20% over and under that number! If your numbers drop by 20% you are not charged. If your numbers increase by 20% those attendees still pay the same rate.
    You may drop up to 20% of your estimated attendees without penalty up to conference date. You will not actually lower your estimated number. That number does not change.
    Any attendee space below your 20% under must be paid in full. Example: I estimate to bring 100 people. I have 20 spaces that I will not be responsible for if I do not fill them. I will pay in full for every space under 80 that I do not fill. If I bring 78 people I will pay for 80. I do not have to pay for the 20%.
    You may add up to 20% of your estimated attendees at your originally registered price. Any attendees added over 20% of your estimate will be charged an additional $10.
    Any attendee space added over your 20% of your estimate will be charged an additional $10. Example: I estimate to bring 100 people. I can bring up to 120 attendees at my originally registered price. If I bring 125 attendees I will be charged an additional $10 for 5 of them.
  • Registration is NOT complete

    Please know that your registration is not complete until we receive your non-refundable church deposit of $750. You can pay online via credit card in step 3, or mail a check to:
    Reach Ministries, Inc
    Attn: 220 Conference
    330 Rayford Road Suite 369
    Spring, TX 77386
    Please check the box to acknowledge this.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.